10 Tips How to Sell your Website in Flippa?

Flippa is an official internet marketing website to buy or sell products. It is a biggest online mart for all web marketers. There are numerous scopes on Flippa for online trading. Most of the time sellers do not understand the proper way to maximize the chances of income generation from here. There are 10 tricky tips to make money from online marketing site.

1.Make the site SEO friendly

The money will automatically come if the site is properly made on the basis of Search Engine Optimization. It is the major factor for the online money making business. Appropriate SEO can increase the publicity through huge traffic generation. The business can be flourished and the revenue can be increased only by the traffics. One should ready for listing the site after making stable revenue.

Do not sell the site if the site earns only $50 or less than $50 per month. Give the effort to increase it at least $300 per month by traffic generation. The site can be easily sold against $8000 if the earning can be reached in $300 per month. Proper SEO can make the site sellable and acceptable by reaching to $300. So there is no problem to sell it.

2.Fix Google Analytic

Always make the site with proper Google analytic to make it more professional. Every important buyer wants to check the Google analytic data before purchasing. Google analytic shows the traffics data properly which is very important to check the popularity. It also makes clear the compatibility pattern with the demand revenue.

Google analytic also indicates the six months’ back data of the site. So it is helpful likewise to serious purchasers to check the genuineness of the particular web platform. It is suggested to install Google analytic before six months of selling. Because buyers basically verify the minimum traffic levels of last six months before buying any website.

3.Depend on Trust Rating

Flippa gives “Trust Rating” to its every member. So every buyer checks the rating before placing their bids. The chances of selling will be easier if you can achieve the highest trust rating from Flippa. The social media platforms play important roles to get attractive rating. The Flippa account should be connected with Facebook, Linkedin to assure the authenticity.

4.Fix the Bidding Length for a week

It is advised to fix the bids maximum for a week on Flippa. In this period it will easy to understand the buyer’s mentality. Buyers can log on Flippa during the week or during the weekend. So it will be easy to asses that the buyer’s interest and mentality.

Sometimes people place the bids for 30days. As a result the bids become expired and the interested buyers can be restrained from the auctions without investing their time. Others even just see the bids and forget about it. So make the bidding length in the hand clutches.

5.Set the Price Reserve of the Bids

There is stimulating option to set a low reserve price by displaying the message in bright green colour “Bidding open and reserve has been met!.” This is quite essential supports for any potential buyers. It is also valuable if the bids set in less. Because there are any other option of high minimum bids which helps for filtering the non serious buyers out.

6. Set Buy It Now price

There are numerous buyers who are not interested in bidding. They like to buy the website without investing their time in biding war. These buyers are concerned to purchase the site on direct payment. BIN (Buy It Now) is the ideal option for these types of serious purchasers. So set the BIN by properper analyzing the value of the site.

Most of the time the site owner have no idea to put the proper price on the BIN. That’s why they place a casual and crazy price without analyzing the value of the site. It can create a reverse impact on the buyers. After making the decision to sell the website ask friends and collogues about value of it. So that, the proper price can be added on the BIN.

7. Avoid to Promote Description

Sellers should avoid describing the intention of promotion of the site. So that, people can not guess that the site has been promoted desperately. It can create reverse impact. So try to avoid the descriptions like “Huge Potential”, “A lifetime opportunity!”, “My loss is your gain!” etc. One point is essential for selling the site. Hypothesis can make turn opposite effect on the purpose of selling.

8.Try to Response Every Comment

Many questionnaires come from the bidder’s end whenever an ad is showed and a crystal clear description is written. People want to clear their queries before place a bid. They leave their question in the comment box. The every comment is equally important to handle with proper response. All the responses and replies help to increase the credibility of the auction.

The comment should not be deleted at any cost. It can be harmful for selling purpose. The erased comments are flagged with red colour on Flippa. So it is easy to detect the deleted comments and commenter. Usually sellers have the tendency to hide the deleted comments. It should not be done as a marketing professional.

There are many more tips for selling website. Most of the time people ask about the reason to sell the site. So always prepare to provide a smart and positive answer. The qualified buyers are invited sometimes to sell the products. So these are the ways to marketing your website with profitable revenue.

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